Social Media Integration
Businesses are going social, world is moving towards social marketing, traditional marketing is dead, you need to be where you customers are... all these statements published in magazines and newspapers is creating panic in business managers. The mad rush to capture the attention, likes, retweets and youtube videos is costing companies a lot of money. The answer to social media strategy is not to rush to grab attention but to develop a careful strategy to engage your customers and build the community.
Current design will help you achieve that with our Social Media Integration service. We take integration approach to social media as we believe social media is not about marketing but it is about building communities. Companies that develop communities of customers survive during the toughest times. Our team of experts will help develop a customized solution for your needs. We will study your product, customers and market dynamics to select best strategy for your social media marketing.

Facebook: Social platform and tools available will help you to build strong communities and respond to consumer demands quickly. You will be able to offer incentives and better track your customers using facebook platform. Tools such as “Login with Facebook”, “Connect with Facebook”, “Pages”, “Offers” and “Sell using Facebook” are very powerful for consumer centric small businesses.

Twitter: A great platform to promote your new offerings and update your consumers. Though it may not be useful for deeper interactions, it is a great tool for customer service and quick resolution of complaints. Current design will help you set up twitter feeders for marketing and customer service. Providing instantaneous reply using twitter is great way to improve customer satisfaction and brand reputation.
LinkedIn: If you love your personal social media websites, your business will love the LinkedIn. LinkedIn has emerged as a great business to business website allowing great opportunities for networking and connecting with right industry contacts. Many times in business it is important to connect to right people rather than running expensive advertising campaign. Current Design will help you establish company’s LinkedIn profile. We will develop online service portfolio which customers can see and review. LinkedIn is a great network building website and no business can afford to ignore it.
Instagram/ Pinterest: Fast emerging social media platforms allow you to promote your product using visual appeal. People pinning and sharing your product pictures is great way to improve your brand visibility and sales. Research has shown that photo sharing social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest generate more sales than Facebook or Twitter. Developing great looking product pictures and showcasing complete product portfolio on these platforms will help you generate sales and improve brand recognition.
Google+: It is a very useful platform for small businesses. Prominent listing in Google search can help you to boost your product sales and popularity. Creating and maintaining your Google+ page will help you be a part of Google knowledge graph initiative which connects all the available information for keyword or brand together. Google hangouts are another great tool to interact with your customer and build a stronger community.